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International Conference on Homeopathy (ICHOM), PWTC, Kuala Lumpur.

17 July 2011


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This morning session started with talks on Training, Education and Practice of Homeopathy. Then Dr. Suriyakhatun Osman, a senior lecturer at Cyberjaya University College of Medical Science (CUCMS) gave a brief summary on how difficult it is to start a qualified homeopathic medical  course at CUCMS under the topic of "Education & Training In Homeopathy" (A case of Malaysia).

Dr. Peter Fisher, a Clinical Director and Director of Research at the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine, gave further input of UK experience under the title "Integrating Homeopathy Into National Health System". He mentioned that reasons for integrating current medicine could be due to the need of reduce medication, for effective economical whole person treatment, safe long term treatment, to revive the art of medicine and the need for patient-friendly treatment.

Lately, homeopathy in Malaysia was under great pressure due to increase controls by the government on drugs and practitioners. With the new act to be passed by next year, further development and upcomings need to be addressed. This talk on "Current & Future Regulation for T&CM Practitioners" was delivered by Dr. Ramli Abd. Ghani, T&CM Division Director from malaysia Ministry of Health.

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An interesting issue was brought in the next plenary session through presentation by Dr. Gustavo Bracho (Cuba) on "Vaccines And Homeoprophylaxis: Experience and Potentials". The homeoprophylaxis was a success when experimented in Cuba. This was something which should be look into by Malaysian government since our government and medical practioners have been too dependence on conventional medicine.

Added to this successful story was another talk on evidence based research on homeopathy given by Kate Chatfield. She presented a paper entitled "Systematic Review of the Research Evidence for Homeopathy in the Treatment of Allergic Rhinitis."

A brilliant remark was given by Dr. Issac Golden when he discussed two topics on Homeoprophylaxis (HP) against epidemics. Malaysia should be brave enough to tryd it. He said, "It will provide a viable immunisation strategy for Malaysian Health officials to employ (HP) in the absence of a proven Dengue vaccine. It will placed Malaysia at the cutting edge of research into the prevention of infectious diseases".

He quoted from Hahnemann Lesser writings "If we observe attentively we shall perceive that wise nature produces the greatest effects with simple, often with small means. To imitate her in this should be the highest aim of the reflecting mind." He also put a quote from al-Qur'an so that we should not undermine what Hahnemann and homeopathy has established.

   Once again Kate Chatfield, a professional homeopath came on stage. She said the efficacy of homeopathic medicine should be accepted as it is. It works beyond placebo. Only people who believe in God believe homeopathy. She said, "The history of science tells us that there have always been things that could not be explained according to currently held scientifc experience. Homeopathy might be considered an example of an anomaly (a term given by Thomas Kuhn) ."

"It is normal for people who try to work with these anomalies to be marginalised as an emergence of a new paradigm is painful for those with vested interests in the existing paradigm."

Her paper was on "The Nature of Evidence and Homeopathy".

The talks for today was finally ended by the two speakers, Dr. Alastair Gray from Australia and Dr. Aadil Chimthana-wala from India.

The 1st Internmational Conference on Homeopathy was finally closed by Hp. Zainul Azmi Ahmad, the President of the Malaysian Homeopathic Medical Council (MHKM) at 6pm.


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