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Welcome back Dr Hatta To Homeolibrary.com (14/12/15)

 The administrator of homeolibrary.com and drhatta.com would like to extend wishes and a warmth welcome to Dr Hatta, our Malaysian homeopathic practitioner and homeopath since 1997.  He has played an important role in establishing both sites on behalf of HBI Health & Homoeopathy Centre.

  Dr Hatta has been writing for our two main websites as a partimer and maintain it untill now. But he has almost leaving homeolibrary.com for good which caused the website not being updated in time. In fact, it has resulted the site to be updated only once a year for the past two consecutive years.

  Dr Hatta was expected to be back by January 2016. He was the most prolific writer on homeopathy. He has written 10 homeopathic books, all of which was in Malaysian language.

  In 2002, three of his articles which was published in his earlier books i.e. "Perubatan Homoeopathy", "Homeopati: Perubatan Alaf Baru" and "Esei-esei Millenium Baru" was selected to be published by "homeopathe International" in their most influential website by the address www.homeoint.org.

  The title of the articles was:

 (i) "Perkembangan Homeopati Di Malaysia" (http://homeoint.org/articles/malay/malaysia.htm),

 (ii) "Makna Sebenar Homeopati" (http://homeoint.org/articles/malay/truemeaning.htm), and

 (iii) "Simptom Dan Diagnosis" (http://homeoint.org/articles/malay/diagnosis.htm).

  From his short written biography of Dr. Burhanuddin, the established founder of homeopathy in Malaysia, it was then published by homeoint.com under PHOTOTHÈQUE HOMÉOPATHIQUE : présentée par Homéopathe International  as can be visited till now.

  His latest written book on homeopathy was "Materia Medika Terapeutik Teew", and was published and sold online since April 2015. It was also availabe at TM Shafie Homeopathic Farmasi, Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur and Perkhidmatan Homeopathy Mulia, Kota Bharu, Kelantan, Malaysia.

   Ever since, Dr Hatta has also helped HBI in many forms, including making formulations of combination remedies for specific sickness and giving homeopathic online consultations whenever needed by HBI clients.




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